Free Mockup Tutorial How to use Mockups Photo Editing

Photopea Free Image Editing Online Software

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Open the mockup file
  3. Open T shirt Mockup File
  4. Make the browser screen smaller so you see your design file on the desktop or in explorer/finder.
  5. Left click drag your design image right onto the open mockup image.
    1. You should now see a large file over the blank t shirt mockup image.
    2. Large design over t shirt mockup
    3. Hold the shift key down and keep holding it down.
    4. Place your mouse cursor over one of the corners (corners only, never the sides) and hold the left mouse button down and drag to the center of the design image, scaling the image down to a smaller size. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point.
    5. Left-click in the center of the design and drag the design upward, placing it about 4 inches below the lower scoop of the neckline. 
    6. Now, you can readjust the size by holding the shift key down, placing your mouse cursor over one of the corners (again, corners only) and scaling up or down until you’re happy with the placement.
    7. Place design on t shirt mockup
    8. When you’re happy with the placement, double click on the center of your design (or, click on the arrow at the top of the tools panel) 
    9. File – Export As – JPG
    10. Save T shirt mockup
    11. Push the slider to the highest quality
    12. Click Save
    13. You’re done!
    14. Finished T shirt Mockup